Easter Foods

We celebrated our real Easter meal with family Saturday evening and it was a big production featuring Mediterranean foods.  It was a feast – and much of the afternoon was spent in the kitchen and around the grill.  It featured hummus, Tzatziki, walnut dip, tabouleh, Greek salad, chickpea-cucumber salad, whole wheat pita bread, feta, grapes, and pork loin kabobs.  It was definitely not all local but everything was homemade and it was fun to try to eat foods that may have some small similarity to those eaten at the Last Supper.  We broke bread, shared wine, and had a great time.

 greaster1 greaster2

To keep Easter dinner simple on Sunday we got inspiration from Cheeses Murphy, a local late-night grilled cheese take-out window.  Their “Cheester Egg” featured Havarti cheese, a fried egg, Alsatian sausage,  and pesto mayo.  Our version was Havarti cheese, a “cheese-less” omelet, salsa, and mayo on homemade rye sourdough.  One suggestion I have is that when putting egg on a sandwich you should try to shape the egg to fit the bread.  This is easy with a round loaf because you can utilize the shape of the pan.  With the salsa on this sandwich a Monterrey Jack cheese would have gone quite well too, but it was great with the Havarti.


sandwich_018 sandwich_020

4 thoughts on “Easter Foods

    • Thanks! That was the consensus from everyone at the table! It was a bit of work, but nothing was difficult! I’ll update soon with links for all the various recipes.

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