Cooking Club! – Chocolate Diablo Cookies – ¡Sí! ¿Más por favor?


Chatelaine Magazine has a new weekly contest called “Cooking Club” in which they post a recipe and people make it and then share their pics of the finished product.  I am very glad I participated this week because the cookies are AMAZING.   Madame, two of her colleagues, and my friends next door all agreed!   Here is the recipe for the Chocolate Diablo Cookies.

One modification I made that turned out well was I didn’t have time to bake all of them because My Assistants and I were in a rush to get to the Early Years Centre… so we left the dough in the fridge.  Upon our return I couldn’t scoop it so I rolled it into a log and then sliced the cookies.  I still flattened them a bit per the recipe instructions and they turned out great, better in fact than the first few I did before we left and before the dough had been refrigerated.

Local ingredients?  The eggs, flour, and oil.  The chocolate and cocoa were Fair Trade Organic.

Here are some pics:




3 thoughts on “Cooking Club! – Chocolate Diablo Cookies – ¡Sí! ¿Más por favor?

  1. Those look delicious! Glad to see you are keeping the Spanish spirit alive. And it’s always a bonus when you don’t have to time to follow a recipe as is and it turns out even better in less time…

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