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Southern Ontario Local Menu Plan – June 3-9

June 3-9

These days the menu features lots of green items.  It’s wonderful.  It also would seem that there is some debate on the internet (and maybe beyond) as to whether it’s healthier to eat leafy greens raw or cooked.  Since my 3-minute internet research session was inconclusive I’ll stick to just not worrying about it, and will cook them sometimes and sometimes not.  Basically I will let the recipe and my stomach decide what sounds best (which reminds me of this interview I started to read last night).  For further reading on cooking leafy greens try reading this article about Kale and its recent popularity.

Looking back at least week, one great meal was Cream of Asparagus Soup with Fresh Cheesy Garlic Bagels!  We ate it last night and like I just said, it was a great meal, especially the fresh bagels, which were topped with cranberry goat cheese (since we rarely buy cream cheese).  Let me just say, once you start putting goat cheese on bagels it’s unlikely you’ll ever go back to cream cheese…


Monday “100-Mile Monday”

  • Hamburgers (yes, we eat meat about once a week, always local, grass-fed, etc.)
  • Homemade  English Muffins (this is for the buns, and knowing me I’ll substitute a good amount of whole wheat in the recipe)
  • Potato and Sweet Potato Salad (we will take some liberties with the recipe, for instance we probably won’t have celery…)
Wednesday “1-Dish Wednesday”

  • Veggie Burrito Bake
  • Grape Tomato Pico deCuke Yo! – This is a spin on Pico de Gallo, in which I’m using local greenhouse grape tomatoes and cucumbers, as well as local shallots in place of onions.  Fresh backyard herbs, oregano and cilantro (in heavy doses), a splash of lime juice, dash of cumin, spoonful of crushed red peppers, sprinkle of salt and pepper.
  • Fresh Pea Shoots and Greens
Friday Grilled Flatbreads:

Sunday Out of town for conference in Niagara – Looking for strawberries too!

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8 thoughts on “Southern Ontario Local Menu Plan – June 3-9

    • Hi Karen, thanks! I’ll post a recipe soon. In the meantime, they came from Joy of Cooking, just their bagel recipe. I googled it and several people have posted their own versions but I’m not sure if they’re the same as what’s in the cookbook. I’ll get our version up here in the next few days. They’re really fun to make and the results are worth it! If you have a few people to feed I’d double the recipe as they go pretty fast 🙂

  1. I just read Karen’s comment, and I was wanting the same thing.
    Soup looks yummy!
    We have just started Kale, use it in place of bread type sandwich wraps. Don’t like it personally cooked, hubby does.
    And you are right, lots of people talking about raw or cooked vegetables.

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