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Southern Ontario Meal Plan – First Week of Summer!

first days of summer

“Just the smell of summer can make me fall in love.”  (Thank you Modest Mouse).  Well, Summer is today!  And I’m happy to report that here in Southern Ontario it feels like Summer!  Yesterday I was shoeless for much of the day, as were the boys.  My younger assistant was also diaper-less for much of the day, as we are hoping he can get more consistent with his use of the potty (don’t worry, he stays mostly in the backyard).

One meal last week that was really great was the Black Bean Burgers from the From Scratch Club.  We had them with homemade English Muffins and I think I’m hooked!  I can’t go back to any other bun except maybe ciabatta.  Homemade English Muffins are amazing!  I’ll post the recipe this week (but in the meantime it’s from Joy of Cooking!).  As a side we fried scallions and radishes (that were picked that morning) with a few local peanuts.  Yes I used a lot of butter but even without a ton of butter these would have been awesome!  Thanks to Well Preserved for the advice on peanuts and radishes.

Veggie Black Bean Burgers on Homemade English Muffins.

For dinner this week I’m especially excited to try Flour and Spice’s Dahi Baray – Lentil Dumplings in a Spicy Tangy Yogurt.  I’m also very happy to have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Sarah from Flour and Spice, thank you!  I will continue the Liebster process in a few days.

June 24-30

Monday 100-Mile Monday – lots of fresh vegetables!

  • Garden Stir Fry: Peas and Broccoli lightly fried with peanuts, with a dash of lemon juice or vinegar, salt and pepper.
  • Rye Berry Salad
Tuesday Tuesday is for Grilling: Mezze

Wednesday One-Dish Wednesday

Friday Crepes! Fillings:

  • Cheesy Bechamel Sauce
  • Steamed Broccoli
  • Lightly Sautéed Zucchini and Onions
  • Brown Butter Peaches, Candied Walnuts, Goat Cheese (that’s the dessert crepe)
Saturday Cottage?
Sunday Leftovers, or, if we’re ambitious after a full weekend, the following:

As always, linking up at Menu Plan Monday!  the local kitchener meal plan logo

4 thoughts on “Southern Ontario Meal Plan – First Week of Summer!

  1. My pleasure 🙂 Homemade English Muffins huh? I better try these soon otherwise I will feel grossly inadequate if I buy store bought ones!

  2. So glad to hear that summer is in the air for you all. It’s cool and windy here in the NW.
    Since Lane won’t eat the beet salad, I decided to put some of the leftovers in my omlet last pm (Thursdays are egg night for us). I warmed it a bit, added the feta cheese and walnuts & it was delicious!


    • Hi Barb,
      Ooh, sorry you’re still in the cold!
      And I’m glad you found a good use for your leftover beet salad, sounds like it would make for a great omelette. Lane’s missing out!

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