Hey hey, the blog is moving over to!  Check out this week’s meal plan over there and sign up for email updates or follow on facebook or twitter to keep hearing about what’s going on ’round here all through the year.  There won’t be any more posts here at the original WordPress home.  Many thanks to WordPress, and Happy New Year!


6 thoughts on “Moving!

  1. Thanks for letting your readers know!

    Sounds like you all had a wonderful time in Mexico!!

    Happy new year!


  2. You are moving? how nice. Are you now out of the WordPress platform? I’ve always wanted to move but i’m technically disabled…Belated New Year Greetings to you. Best wishes to your family!

    • Yeah, I wanted the freedom of being able to build my site however I wanted. But sometimes I wish the security of being in because I’ve crashed my own site a few times! Best to you and your family too 🙂

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