Preserved for the Year

young boy munching on huge apple atop a box labelled "apples"

This is a list of what we have put by for the year.


  • Applesauce – 7 quarts
  • Apricots (frozen) – 1 small bag
  • Asparagus (frozen) – 1 gallon bag
  • Blueberries (frozen) – 2 gallon bags
  • Broccoli (frozen) – 1 gallon bag
  • Corn (frozen) – 1 gallon bag
  • Peas (frozen) – 2 small bags
  • Peaches (frozen) – 2 gallon bags
  • Peaches (canned) – 7 quarts
  • Rhubarb (frozen) – 1 gallon bag
  • Salsa (canned) – 30 pints (of three different blends)
  • Service Berries (frozen) – 1/2 gallon bag
  • Spinach(frozen) – 1 gallon bag
  • Strawberries (frozen) – 2 gallon bags
  • Strawberry Rhubarb Jam – 8 pints
  • Tomatoes (canned) – 14 quarts

pictures of various steps of making strawberry rhubarb jam

The internet is a most incredible resource for canning, freezing, pickling, and all other forms of food preservation. However, we tend to prefer flipping through something made out of paper and easily taken around the house (no, we don’t own a kindle, or ipad, etc), and our favorite resource for that is Putting Food By.  It has pretty much everything in it and has been around since the 70’s (it’s 40 years old!).  It is now in its 5th edition which means it has been updated many times, most recently in 2010.

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