Local Menu Plan – Southern Ontario (Trying to Trust Spring)
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Local Menu Plan – Southern Ontario (Trying to Trust Spring)

 29 de Abril- 5 de Mayo Spring?  Maybe it has arrived.  We feel it a little bit more each day.  In terms of planning our menu for the week  Cinco de Mayo should be an obvious meal choice (if it’s not obvious, it’s going to Mexican!).  However, I will still do my best to utilize … Continue reading

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 Big Meal – Slow-Cooked Chicken, Celeriac-Beet Salad, Roasted Winter Vegetables, and Whole Wheat Ciabatta

So, before you think I cooked all this in one day you should know that the roasted veggies were leftovers.  But they were still great, in fact, they were maybe even better because they weren’t quite soft enough the first time. The celeriac-beet salad was fairly simple, although celeriac can kind of be a pain … Continue reading